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Postulates and Live Communication
Why You Can Audit

Postulates and Live Communication

Postulates and Live Communication
Why You Can Audit

With the single factor crucial to auditing successfully codified in Dianetics 55! and fully taught on the 9th American ACC, the subject of communication had apparently surrendered all its unknowns. Yet such was not the case. And in his first lecture to auditors on a new course at the Hubbard Professional College, L. Ron Hubbard revealed an entirely new datum: “Communication disintegrates mass, so communication and postulates can effect change.” It was no less than the discovery of the single Axiom that makes auditing possible—Axiom 51. This series contains not only the first articulation of Mr. Hubbard’s classic definition of communication as “the universal solvent,” but the whys, wherefores and techniques to apply Axiom 51 across the panorama of auditing. Here are entire lectures on Six Basic Processes, Ownership Processing, the Tone Scale and the application of communication to the service facsimile and the “only one” computation. A new chapter had begun. As word of mouth spread, demand for training and auditing multiplied, the HASI Phoenix moved into expanded quarters and L. Ron Hubbard laid plans to carry Scientology into the future with a new office in Washington, DC—an office that would soon become the Founding Church of Scientology.

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More About Postulates and Live Communication

We have reached another turning of the leaf in the history of Dianetics and Scientology on the very crystal-clear establishment of the fact that the solvent for mest for which we have been searching, which is usable and workable on any and all grades of case with whom any communication can be accomplished at all, is communication. —L. Ron Hubbard

With the release of Dianetics 55! L. Ron Hubbard had codified the single factor crucial to auditing success—communication. Taught in depth at the 9th American Advanced Clinical Course and publicly released at the Unification Congress in December 1954, Dianetics 55! represented a historic breakthrough. For by identifying each of the components of communication and demonstrating their application to raise a being’s ability and awareness, he had done something that the sages and philosophers of past ages had only dreamed of.

It might have been supposed that Mr. Hubbard’s researches had now yielded all there was to know on the subject, yet such was not the case. For, on 14 March 1955, in his very first lecture to auditors enrolled on a new course at the Hubbard Professional College, he disclosed a datum of such scope and power it reached beyond the physical universe and into the very core of living:

“Energy disintegrates with communication.

“And that gives us—and I want to tell you about this—Axiom 51.

“It was necessary for me to talk to you folks. Now, I’m not going to give you a statement of Axiom 51 the way it is in the current edition of The Creation of Human Ability. I sneaked it in just before it went into the press. So it will be in the American edition. But it has to do with this—just has to do with this—communication disintegrates mass, so communication and postulates can effect change.”

In a mere ten words, L. Ron Hubbard had announced an auditing breakthrough whose ramifications would embrace all that was to follow in Dianetics and Scientology. For it was on this course, delivered to trained auditors and the staff of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, Phoenix, that Mr. Hubbard first articulated his classic definition of communication as “the universal solvent.”

Yet, continuing to leave no stone unturned to ensure that auditors fully understood how to apply Axiom 51 in a session, he instructed them on a range of techniques, including:

  • Two-way Communication—its vital role in the creative arts;
  • Meaningfulness—how to have the preclear put meaning into life, things, objects, spaces, people and thoughts;
  • Thinkingness—processing is really the simple business of teaching somebody’s thoughts to stay put or to get out;
  • The “Only One” Computation—what it is, how it creates aberration and its resolution;
  • Ownership—misownership brings about a persistence of facsimiles, thus establishing the ownership of pictures can make a mest Clear;
  • Pictures—how a thetan could not possibly get into trouble in this universe until he started making pictures.

With the subject of communication and its crucial role in session now fully developed and in use, auditing was truly never the same again.

Hence, and parallel with L. Ron Hubbard’s announcement of his recent discoveries, word of mouth was leaping like wildfire across the United States. Thus, not only was the HASI Phoenix soon established in new and expanded headquarters at 1017 North 3rd Street—with Mr. Hubbard lecturing Professional Course students in its impressive auditorium—but as demand for Scientology quickened on the East Coast, he was laying plans to carry Scientology far into the future with a new office established in Washington, DC. That office would soon become the Founding Church of Scientology.

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