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Dianetics 55!
The Complete Manual of Human Communication

Dianetics 55!

Dianetics 55!
The Complete Manual of Human Communication

With all breakthroughs to date, a single factor had been isolated as crucial to success in every type of auditing. As LRH said, “Communication is so thoroughly important today in Dianetics and Scientology (as it always has been on the whole track) that it could be said if you were to get a preclear into communication, you would get him well.” And this book delineates the exact, but previously unknown, anatomy and formulas for perfect communication. The magic of the communication cycle is the fundamental of auditing and the primary reason auditing works. The breakthroughs here opened new vistas of application—discoveries of such magnitude, LRH called Dianetics 55! the Second Book of Dianetics.

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What is Knowledge? What is Truth? And what is the Secret? If you knew the answers you’d understand all. Fortunately for you, they’re right in your hands. For having codified the axioms and the route to exteriorization and Operating Thetan, Ron provided it all in the Scientology Auditor’s Handbook—The Creation of Human Ability. Amongst those breakthroughs, the importance of one factor stood above all—Communication. Contained in that word is no less than the “magical formula” which leads all the way out and which set a new direction for auditing at every level. In just that regard, Ron returned to Book One and in the framework of the problems addressed therein, applied the most advanced discoveries to their resolution. Here, then, is both the Second Book of Dianetics and the milestone Unification of Dianetics and Scientology as a combined whole—with the Complete Manual of Communication:

  • The complete description of the Awareness of Awareness Unit—first revealed in Book One and now from the vantage of exterior ability
  • The new approach to all auditing and living—the accent on increasing ability, rather than deleting inability
  • The most complete description of the A-R-C Triangle—unveiled as no less than a mathematical formula to resolve any question, any problem and life itself
  • The “Secret” and its answer—revealing the source of all Entrapment and, in turn, providing the key that unlocks every barrier
  • The Communication Formula—containing the anatomy and component parts of a cycle of communication and which, in use, is no less than a universal solvent
  • The Two-way Cycle of Communication—crucial to all auditing success and…even more important in living
  • All that and so much more—from the “foreverness” of the physical universe to the insidious role of “silence” that sticks one on the track, and from the anatomy of the “communication lag” to the singular process that creates a “One-shot Clear

In summary, here’s the one book that stands as the linchpin not only to auditing, but to virtually all of freedom itself.

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