Publisher of New York Times and International Bestselling Author L. Ron Hubbard

Co-operative Advertising Policy

Bridge Publications is very happy to participate in co-operative advertising. The first step is to contact the Trade Sales Director, Don Arnow, at (800) 722-1733 so that the type of program can be reviewed in alignment with our current campaigns.

The general guidelines are as follows:

  1. To qualify for co-op advertising monies, the retailer must have written approval in the form of an official Bridge co-op agreement signed by the Bridge Sales Department.
  2. A retail account in good credit standing will be allowed up to 10% of the total net dollar volume purchases from Bridge or a wholesale source.
  3. Bridge will pay 75% of the actual verified space cost of print or broadcast advertising up to the maximum allowance computed as outlined in #2 above.
  4. Applications for co-op allowances must include a description of the media, size (or if broadcast, number of spots), cost and date of planned advertising.
  5. This allowance will be available for the advertisement of the titles designated by the publisher and may be limited to specific geographic areas.
  6. Reimbursement, under Bridge's co-operative advertising and promotion policy, will be issued for media advertisements based upon actual paid costs of media time or space at the local (not national) rate after submission of a) a tear sheet for newspaper and magazine advertisements, or a certificate of broadcasting for radio or television advertisements, and b) documentation evidencing the actual paid total cost of the media advertisement, after rebates. Reimbursement for other approved promotion will be made upon submission of a) tear sheets from catalogs, circulars, mailing pieces, or other promotional materials, and b) documentation evidencing the actual paid total costs for the promotion. Submission of all documentation shall be made to Bridge's Sales Department.
  7. With respect to advertisements covering more than one publisher's titles, to be eligible for reimbursement, the amount of space devoted to all Bridge advertised titles must be proportionate to Bridge's share in the cost of advertising.
  8. Retailers may not deduct payments from invoices. No reimbursements will be made to retailers not in good credit standing. Reimbursements made which exceed the 10% limitation of actual net purchases for the current calendar year will be charged back to the retailer. No reimbursements will be issued unless request and accompanying backup are received within sixty days of date of co-operative advertising.
  9. Retailers purchasing Bridge books from wholesalers may still qualify for co-operative advertising and promotion allowances under the policy outlined above. A co-operative advertising and promotion agreement can be drawn based on a retailer's wholesaler purchases if Bridge is supplied with verification of retailer's purchases of designated titles from the wholesaler in the retailer's name. The retailer will be sent a copy of the credit of this transaction. The retailer can directly submit copies of the wholesaler's invoices specifying the titles and quantity purchased with the retailer's request for advertising to Bridge.
  10. All claims are to be sent to:
    Sales Dept. 4A
    Bridge Publications, Inc.
    5600 E. Olympic Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90022